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This is a question that is probably unrelated to my HR24 DVR but since I was here I thought I would post in this forum and see if someone has an answer.

I used to have a 46" RCA LCD, model number L46WD22, in my family room. The HR24 was driving the RCA TV via HDMI cable. At the same time, the HR24 was also delivering signal to a Phillips 7" LCD, model AJL700, mounted under the kitchen cabinets so my wife could watch whatever was on the RCA while cooking, washing dishes, etc. The Philips was powered by the compositet outputs of the HR24.

Everything was working perfectly fine until I replaced the RCA with a new Samsung 46" LCD, model LN46c630, moving the RCA to my Living Room. Anyway, even though the two televisions are hooked up in exactly the same way, the audio on the two TV's, Samsung and Philips, is off creating an annoying echo. This shouldn't be the case since both TV's are being powered by the same DVR. Evidently, the Samsung is somehow slowing down the placement of the video on the screen causing the two audio sources to not coincide. Any ideas of how I can fix this? I really don't want to have to run a wire from the Samsung to power an external speaker in the kitchen.
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