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HR24 External drive question

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First post here, and a very nice forum. Thanks to the folks that run it. Especially nice is the popup I just got showing similar threads to what Im about to ask. Very cool feature. I am trying NOT to repeat something thats been A & A fifteen times already. I know how annoying that is...

Ive already read a ton of threads on the subject here, so Ive got the basics of what will work and what wont. My question is this:

Antec MX-1 or Thermaltake BlacX ??

The Antec seems to be a more compact, secure, dust free, and probably quieter solution. Sits flat, easy to hide.

With the Thermaltake it seems that the drive must stand on end (height *may* be an issue for me), the drive is exposed (doesnt look as streamlined, dust?), etc. However, with this one --it looks like once its filled, I can just turn it off, and swap to a new drive and repeat? And then pop them in and out (I know reboot required and the to-do list follows the drive, but....still, offers almost unlimited storage this route?)

Is this even a realistic concern? The posts Ive read say that filling 2 TB is not an easy thing. However, my HR 24 is a -500 and its half full after only about a week and a half of ownership (almost all HD recording, 55 movies).

Again, thanks to all.

Addendum: I think RAID would be nice also, but am unwilling to pay anything like a weaknees price for it.
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A general comment...

While reading reviews of eSata drive housings (I think on Amazon) one person commented that he found that an "open" housing (I don't remember the brand) resulted in a "warm to hot" drive, since just being in the "open air" did not result in enough air movement to carry the drive's heat away... so this person now uses ONLY eSata housings with a fan or fans to blow air across the drive

I can't remember if the comment was in the review section for the Antec MX-1 or for the similar http://www.amazon.com/Thermaltake-Active-Cooling-Enclosure-ST0021U/dp/B004G8QETS/
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