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HR24 External drive question

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First post here, and a very nice forum. Thanks to the folks that run it. Especially nice is the popup I just got showing similar threads to what Im about to ask. Very cool feature. I am trying NOT to repeat something thats been A & A fifteen times already. I know how annoying that is...

Ive already read a ton of threads on the subject here, so Ive got the basics of what will work and what wont. My question is this:

Antec MX-1 or Thermaltake BlacX ??

The Antec seems to be a more compact, secure, dust free, and probably quieter solution. Sits flat, easy to hide.

With the Thermaltake it seems that the drive must stand on end (height *may* be an issue for me), the drive is exposed (doesnt look as streamlined, dust?), etc. However, with this one --it looks like once its filled, I can just turn it off, and swap to a new drive and repeat? And then pop them in and out (I know reboot required and the to-do list follows the drive, but....still, offers almost unlimited storage this route?)

Is this even a realistic concern? The posts Ive read say that filling 2 TB is not an easy thing. However, my HR 24 is a -500 and its half full after only about a week and a half of ownership (almost all HD recording, 55 movies).

Again, thanks to all.

Addendum: I think RAID would be nice also, but am unwilling to pay anything like a weaknees price for it.
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Thank you. I see what you are talking about.

Everyone there really climbs on that bandwagon, and I cant say that I disagree with them. I tried to link to the reviews, but apparently, I have to post 4 more times before I can do that. Silly, but rules are rules I guess.

But yea, definitely a significant factor in decision. Trying to get some solid intel here, b/c I found out the hard way that the USB ports on these machines are for decoration only.
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