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I recently moved and received two new HR24-100s as part of my move. We had internet-connected Whole Home DVR at my old house, with white DECAs connected to every receiver (no receiver more recent than an HR22) and to my router in my home office. I understood how the Whole Home and internet connection worked, but the installer at my new house did not connect my system to my internet connection before he left.

I talked to a CSR, and he told me that the HR24 has a DECA built into it, and that all I needed to do was connect my router to the HR24. He said that after I did that, my entire system would be connected to the internet and that no separate external DECA was needed at the router if it was located by an HR24. So I connected the router directly to the HR24 via Cat5, and I did a system test on the other HR24 to detect an internet connection. The test did not detect internet on the 2nd HR24.

My question is: was the CSR correct on this? Or do I in fact need a separate DECA at my router to connect the internet to my system? In my old house, the internet was connected in my separate home office, and a dedicated coax ran from my home office to the attic to tie into my DirecTV coaxs. But no TV was in my home office at that house. The new house has a big bonus room, where my computer/internet are located along with a TV that has an HR24 connected.

If I can correct this on my own, I'd like to but I just don't know enough about the HR24s to know if the CSR was correct or not. Do I still need a separate DECA at the router to connect to the internet, or can it connect through the HR24 as the CSR described?

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Yes, the HR24's have DECA built into them....no need on those for the external DECA units.

The Internet connection to the WHDS is now typically handled by a device called a CCK, which also contains DECA connectivity.

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The CSR was not correct. By plugging an ethernet cable into an HR24 you disable the internal DECA (they will not bridge.) You need a CCK (broadband DECA) to connect your setup to your router.

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Eddie L. said:
Thanks for the replies! It sounds like it needs to be set up like my old house, where the broadband connector has its own coax connecting to the wiring in the attic. Is that correct?
Yes. If you still have the DECA and PI that was used at your old house, just hook it up at your new house. You'll have a coax going to the DECA from one of the splitters in your setup. The other side of the DECA will have the PI plugged in going to an electrical outlet and you will also have an Ethernet cable going from the DECA to your router.

If you happen to have a wireless CCK (two coax ports), you can put it in-line with one of your receivers. It can then connect back to your router via an Ethernet cable or you can connect back to your router wirelessly.

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