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HR24 Skipping Audio???

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My HR24 (NR) has started skipping audio.

It happens only when you are watching a channel that is being recorded and are all "caught up" to live. If you pause (or skip back) at all, the problem goes away. Its easy to work around, but still annoying.
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I'm having the issue with an HR24-100 using optical with Dolby Digital turned on. It will skip the audio on recorded and live programs but pushing the 5 second back on the remote the audio is actually there and was received by the receiver from the satellite just fine but the receiver skipped the audio for some reason. FYI by receiver I mean the HR24

I posted a thread on this yesterday and no one responded heres to hoping people responds to yours. I'm running 0x59e
I have similar issues with my less than 6 month old HR24/500. Audio drops and/or locked pic that can be watched if I just back up 10 sec and try again to play through it. Very annoying and neither of the old HR20's have this issue on my system. The HR24 is connected via HDMI and the Dolby Digital is turned off.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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