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HR34 and Single Box Setup

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The tuner on my HR20-700 seems to be getting skittish. D* offered to send me a HR34 - however I don't need it for multi-room as I only have one other TV and hardly use it. I would like the other features. The question:

1) I had to order the $100 cinema connection kit - I have a router that I've turned into an access point (DD-WRT) - will the installer freak or will he let me use that instead of the CCK (and get a refund on the CCK)? Not sure why this was required for the order to be placed.

2) I won't have to pay for whole home service if I just use this for my main TV, right?

3) Will they have to change my dish/multiplex just for this one TV?

4) Should I avoid all of this and just let them replace my HR20? They are just charging for the install $50 and the CCK ($100).
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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