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Hello, I’m having a weird issue with whole-home and my new HR34. My setup is two HR24, one HR22 and one HR34. Both HR24 and HR22 can see the HR34 playlist and play movies with no issue but for some reason the HR34 only sees one of my HR24 boxes. I was able to tweak a setting which I noticed was different on the HR34 when comparing all settings between each box. When I went to Network services the setting is set for Auto but on both port options (STB services and Audio Services Port) it was set to N/A on the HR34 whereas in the other boxes its set to auto but the ports are listed. So what I did was set the HR34 to manual which then auto filled the ports with the next available ports, I ran the test and it was successful I then switched it back to Auto and the ports remained the same. I then checked the whole-home status and it finally was seeing all 3 boxes and not just one. I checked an hour later and it went back into just seeing one box and when I checked network services again the ports were set to N/A again. Now when trying to do what I did early it won’t even test successfully anymore.

I don’t know what else to try, I've done all the rebooting I can handle and even pushed the software update to the HR34. I also setup port forwarding on my router with the IP address of each box with the unique ports listed on each box but that didn’t help. Anyone have any ideas? Is this a setup issue rather than a settings issue? All boxes are going through Ethernet and I have never in 2 years had any issues with whole-home. The HR34 is less then a week old and like a bonehead I didnt check this until after the installer left.
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