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lacubs said:
mine installer told me don't use the PIP it will do damages to the TV in long run
I've not seen the split screen for PIP on the HR34, but perhaps he is thinking that there is some sort of high contrast border between "pictures" that will potentially result in image retention at the borders?

Otherwise the claim makes no sense at all. Unless there is some sort of fixed image on the screen (like a border) for long periods of time, there is no obvious potential for damage...and even then the only displays that are vulnerable to the problem are older phosphor screens and plasmas in general (although many claim it isn't true for modern plasmas either, but I'm not convinced).

I'd sure like to hear the basis for the PIP damage claim.

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I've used PIP thru my TV and a second tuner for years with no issue. Have left it on for hours on my Plasma. I was hoping the HR34 PIP would have some of the same features while giving me the ability to lose a box as the PIP source. I may not be able to do that given the lack of PIP features and the requirement of having to use the info bar to move the screen. Hopefully, they improve on this in the future.

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See Runners' post....:hurah:

Under a very narrow set of circumstances, it could cause a bit of of a problem.
My plasma has a setting that'll move the picture by a few pixels every so often.
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