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HR34 Ending Recordings Early

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I got a new HR34 a few weeks ago, but it has already ended a few recordings early without any reason to do so (as far as I know). In particular, I have it set to record all Islanders hockey games and this is the highest priority. Two times in the last week, the recording ended couple minutes or so before the end of the game even though they normally continue to run well after the game (I think the guide slot they allow for hockey games is something like 5 hours).

When I look at the recording info, it says that it was stopped by LOET. I don't think I've seen anything like that before, but then I don't usually look for that unless something went wrong.

Has anyone seen this before?
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Have the recordings that ended early been on "Center Ice" channels or temporary -1 channels?
patyoung said:
These were on Center Ice channels
DirecTV has a habit of cutting off the Center Ice channels before games are over. I've seen several thread regarding this. If they cut off the channel your recording ends.

It's not a problem with your HR34.
Well I tried to help, sorry you don't like my answer. Next time I won't bother.
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