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jeremymc7 said:
Want to get an HR34 to replace a stock of older HR's and manage the recordings from one DVR.

1. Does anyone have an update of when the HR34 will be available to existing / current customers. Last update was early 2012. Well this is technically early 2012 now so what's the thought?

2. Any idea of the existing / current customer price? Retail stores are pricing at $399. New customers are priced at $99.

3. Any thoughts regarding buying from retail for $399 versus waiting for DirecTv to make available directly to existing / current customers?

Thanks all.
No official word other than what has already been said. (Early 2012)
As far as pricing, Remember all prices listed for all directv equipment is a "Leased" price. The $399 is a leased price for a HR34 and if you pay the same say through solid signal it is still the lease upgrade and not a purchase of the HDDVR. I would say keep calling Directv and see if there is any updates on availability of the HR34. They will be able to give you the best lease upgrade price than a retail store but a retail store may already have it in stock which you could pay the lease upgrade there and then work with directv on getting credits for the price you paid the retailer.
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