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litzdog911 said:
When you set up new Series Recordings the DVR will always record the first showing regardless of whether it's First Run or Repeat.
Im finding that it records everything with the name of the show.. Example

I told it to record "Bones" well its recording Bones from every channel I have TBS reruns, Fox new stuff and I think even another chanel... Really I only really asked it to record Fox Bones. In this case I dont mind the other shows because Im trying to catch up but for other things.. im not so sure.

A few other quesitons Im hoping no one minds me asking this pertains to the HR34 and the DVR guide ETC.

How does the recording limit work? it says 5 episodes.. but does it stop recording at 5 or does it delete the oldest and record the newest show... so I have the curent 5 shows.
Yes I know I can increse it to 10 ETC.. but how does this limit work?
As you can see this really plays a role to my first Q...

While on the HR34 can I tell it to record a show on my HR24 or do I have to go to the HR24?

In the list view it shows avaliable capasity.... is this on all of my DVR or only on the local system?

Is there a way to automaticly change to a station at a specific time? Example tune to the news in the AM at 7am on 13. I dont really need to record it but the ability to turn on the TV and rewind would be cool?

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