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Hey all -

I have an HR34 and 4 clients and I am losing my playlists on the clients.

Here is the setup:

All DTV units have static IP address - out side of DHCP range.

With the LAN cable not connected to my DECA, the playlists show on all clients. As soon as I plug my LAN cable back in to the DECA, within 3 min I lose the playlists on the clients. Baffles me.

I called DirecTV and of course they are "not aware" of any issues and offered to send a Tech out for $50.00. I passed as this was working perfectly.

I also have an HR22 and it does not have this issue. It still shows in the "Whole Home" menu area.

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions that I could try? It is driving me nuts. :mad:



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A couple of things to try.
I have read that unplugging the power inserter and wait a couple of minutes and plug it back in will reconnect the clients.

If that does not work,
I have read that a complete shutdown and restart will do the job.
Most run DHCP and let the router assign addresses.

Shut down and unplug everything, including the power inserter and the router.
Plug in the router and wait for it to get fully working,
Plug in the power inserter,
Plug in the HR34 and wait for it to fully load,
Plug in the clients, give them a couple of minutes between each one,
Plug in the other HRs one at a time.
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