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Hey all -

I have an HR34 and 4 clients and I am losing my playlists on the clients.

Here is the setup:

All DTV units have static IP address - out side of DHCP range.

With the LAN cable not connected to my DECA, the playlists show on all clients. As soon as I plug my LAN cable back in to the DECA, within 3 min I lose the playlists on the clients. Baffles me.

I called DirecTV and of course they are "not aware" of any issues and offered to send a Tech out for $50.00. I passed as this was working perfectly.

I also have an HR22 and it does not have this issue. It still shows in the "Whole Home" menu area.

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions that I could try? It is driving me nuts. :mad:


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