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I don't have an HR34 yet, but seems enough people have run out and gotten one, I figured possibly by now I could get an opinion.

I have some HR20-700's and some HR22-100 units running here in my home, and I must say that my wife drives me bonkers *****ing almost every day about how slow the units respond. Granted I am more tolerant of it, but she expects to hit play, fast forward, or whatever function and see a close to immediate response. Especially with the HR22 in the family room, I have noticed that you can hit something like FF and be running ahead, and when you hit play you can set there and watch it keep on going till the unit catches up. So in general I see what she is *****ing about, that it can get horribly sluggish at times.

With this new HR34 out, with five tuners, and a larger drive, you would think they had to build in more horsepower so to speak to handle the loading from running all the services.

So to any on here that were running on HR2x units, and added an HR34 into the mix, after a little runtime, how do the units perform? Are they sluggish at all like is known with the HR2x units, or are they screaming fast to command presses on the remotes?

I think it would be worth the $399 to shut her up, if the unit is a stellar performer by comparison to the other units.

Thoughts, opinions, flames... :)
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