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HR34: "Playback Errors due to dropped connections"

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I'm fed up with RVU, so I moved my HR34 from a remote location and put it in the living room. I took the DECA (DECABB1R0) adapter off the TV and put it at the remote location to feed network connectivity to the DirecTV receivers. Now when I run the system test, I get dropped connections errors. When I run the same test on the H25, I don't get the error. I've tested the coax from the splitter to the HR34 with a Fluke CableIQ and it comes back as good.

Is this a common error when the network connection isn't directly connected to the HR34?
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I'm not 100% sure I'm following what you are saying, but I don't have my internet directly connected to the HR 34 and its been working fine. I have an HR34 and a remote HR22 with MRV. The installer connected my internet via a cinema connection kit, instead of directly to the HR34 (not sure why). Then he connected the HR22 via ethernet to the Deca module. I can view remote programming from both the HR34 and HR22 without any issues.

Currently I've only had one glitch with remote viewing. When it was first installed everything worked fine. The installer left and later I turned on the TV with the HR22 again and it did not show the remote playlist. I simply disconnected the coax from the Deca module and reconnected it. Then I could see the remote playlist. Its been fine ever since.
In summary, my internet connection isn't directly connected to the HR34, it's going through the cinema connection adapter. Whole Home seems to be working ok, but I'm worried about the error I see when I run the system test. What do you get when you run a system test?
Just ran System Info & Test on my HR34 and it said All Items OK. My HR34 seems to be connected the same way as yours is. I'm on the 0x4cd version of the firmware, are you on that version?
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