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Scott Kocourek said:
They are currently working on the speed issue with the HR34, I wouldn't bother with forcing a FW update because they will send you the correct version when it's ready.

The DVR's have always been a little slower than the H series receivers but the gap has been getting closer.
Hello liquidsense,

I have recently installed an HR34 (around 7 weeks ago). For the first week or so I note any problems, fix them and then see if they reoccur. If it is a one time thing then I put it down to it is new unit and move on. If it persists then it is time to do some serious troubleshooting of the problem. I try to use the unit to the maximum as problems can show up early in my posession. You have already replaced the cable but did you try another HDMI connection on the TV? Does your TV have firmware update(s) available. Does this occur with Component Cables? I have both hooked up and have not had this problem but other problems have occurred. Most were one time problems that disappeared and I hope never to return. Best of luck with your HR34.
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