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HR34 Questions

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Sorry, I searched and couldn't find the answer to this and I've got installers coming soon.

I just ordered the HR34 which will be my only dvr in the house. I use component cables through a switcher to run directv to the other rooms so I don't have to pay for additional receivers. I also have a hardwire ethernet cable that the installer needs to plug in. Do they just plug that into the HR34?

My other question is the directv operator stated she showed I have SWM but I checked my HR24 and there are two coax cables plugged in? Was she correct? If not, when the installer calls is there something I need to tell him to make sure to bring?

Thanks in advance for assistance!
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You will be plug and play except you will need a SWM. In theory the installer should know that, but it would not hurt to let him know if he calls ahead of time.
I am sure someone will comment/catch this but you will need to explain further on how the 34 will be the only dvr in the house but you just checked your hr24 and it has two cables.
Sounds like the installer is going to have a good time with this one.
Are you sure you're not using composite to your switcher?

If you are that will complicate things once the HR34 gets the HD GUI
I'm using component for sure to the other 2 tvs. I currently have an HR24 running hdmi to the main tv. Then component out going to a switchbox that runs to the other 2 hdtvs.
If its showing you already have swm the work order will be incorrect and the installer will have to correct it. Otherwise you may have misunderstood the operator, and tour system will ve converted over to swm. So it will not be just a swap and drop.

+1 for what spartanstew said
Calm your fears. With the TV tuned to a channel (i.e., not in the guide or anything), press the _ (dash) button. It will tell you how it's connected. The installer can proceed accordingly. Worst case, he swaps to a SWiM LNB and you're pretty much done.
Thanks, did that and it says "receiver 045621 internet: conected
dvdguru said:
Thanks, did that and it says "receiver 045621 internet: conected
It would say SWM if it was.
dvdguru said:
Thanks, did that and it says "receiver 045621 internet: conected
It should also say SWiM Connected if you have SWiM
I figured right then. Thanks for the info and I'll mention the SWM to them when they call.
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