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HR34 Randomly resetting

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New bug in my two week old HR34 - keeps randomly resetting. Help?!
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What is the temperature showing on the Settings/Info screen?

If its reasonable temp, try doing two reboots in 30 minutes to clear out the guide data, and force a reload.
If the forced guide data purge doesnt fix the issue, then its probably a bad unit, and will need to be replaced by DirecTv. Constant reboots, even with the original software, wasnt one of the bugs I can recall being reported a lot.

You can always perform a power on self test (hit SELECT) when the checking system screen pops up during bootup, run the short tests, and see if you get any errors. I wouldnt run the long hard drive tests tho, as they take a LONG time.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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