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HR34 Reliability?

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My brand new shiny HR34 died in less than a month. Just keeps rebooting every minute. Hard drive I guess? First DVR ever to die on me. Wife is railing at me since everything was on it. Disappointing :(:(
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dpeters11 said:
My first one had a bad fan, luckily noticeable within the first day or two. No issues with my current one.
This and Hdhead's issue merely prove the law of infant mortality. Stuff is more likely to fail in the first 90 days than in the next few years, and then as it gets older the likelihood ramps up once again.

A DVR that dies in the first week is only a little disturbing. Enduring misplaced blame for that would be much more so. But one place that blame cannot be placed, is on Hdhead, and no offense but his wife should know better. Either nip that in the bud, kick her to the curb, or look forward to a life of misery. Dealer's choice. My personal idea of hell would be putting up with that level of emotional abuse for my entire married life; I just won't be a part of anything remotely like that.

A wise man once said that no matter how beautiful a woman is, someone, somewhere, is already tired of her.
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