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HR34 - Remote Control "Receiver Mode question

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Hi all,

I have searched the forums, the internet, and read the manual but cannot find the answer to this question. D* just came out today and installed my HR34. It replaced an HR20 that was dying a slow death. I have 3 other receivers, another HR20, HR21, and an R22. They are all run off of the same IR system (IR Receivers/repeaters throughout the house) to control them. I use universal remotes to access the DVR I want. So RF will not work in this case (back to mutiple remotes).

My question is the HR34 is replacing an HR20 that was in Receiver Mode 2. I just looked at the menu of the HR34 and it appears that is no longer an option. Is this true? Or is there another way to program the receiver to accept a different remote code?

Thanks in advance for your help.
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I believe the only options for IR are DIRECTV or AV1/AV2. DIRECTV corresponds to code 00001 and AV1/AV2 corresponds to either 00002 or 00003. It is probably just a matter of time before codes 00004-00008 are available.
DaBearsfan said:
Thanks David, but when I try to program av1 or av2 it tells me to hold the d* remote and then I get a message the programming failed. Has anyone used a different remote code set with the HR34?
I am home now and I checked my HR34. Receiver mode is AV1 or AV2, remote type is IR (as shown on System Info screen). I programmed code 00003 into a spare D* remote, and that is the correct code to use.
DaBearsfan said:
Thanks David when I select av1 or av2 in the receiver it asks me to program a DVD, Audio, VCR or TV. I select TV put in Panasonic vierra. It says press OK and to keep the remote pointed at the box. I do so and it brings back a messages that says Failed to program remote and the receiver remains in DTV mode. The message also allows you to try again and have done it 50 Times and cannot get past this step.
Instead of choosing "Program Remote", you need to choose "Receiver Mode" and change from "DIRECTV" to "AV1 or AV2" to set it to code 00003. To program the DIRECTV remote to code 00003, move the slider at the top of the remote to either DIRECTV, AV1, or AV2. Then press and hold Mute and Select until you see the two blinks and then release them. Enter 00003 on the keypad, after which you should see two blinks. Test the remote.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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