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HR34: Series Recording Not Showing Up in Guide

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I have about 50 series recordings set up on my HR34. I actually just went in and checked them and make sure I had them set right.

I did this after looking at my guide (since some shows have season premiers tonight) and not seeing those shows set to record. I looked over the next week and there must have been 20 shows that I have series recording set for, but they did not show up as being set to record.

When I manually went to the show on the guide and hit the record button, the series recording option popped up right away (so it knew I had them set).

Does anybody have an idea why these are not showing up?
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None of them are in your To Do List?
Mines doing that, but they are in the todo list and seem to be recording OK. Im a little miff'd they dont have the 34 in better shape after all this time. But hey, there's always youtube...

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They weren't on my to-do list. That is how I found the problem. I say only 9 things on the to-do list.

After going in and manually putting shows in for next week, now I have 25 or so on the to-do list.
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