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So at 12:30 today I noticed on my List a show it was suppose to be taping was not appearing. I went to the channel and it told me it was recording, so I figured no big deal.

I come home now and notice that the show it was suppose to be taping did not record. Neither was the show it was suppose to record last night or the other two from t his afternoon.

Any idea why the HR34 would just stop recording what it is set to record? Going to call DirecTV now as well.

Just so frustrated that I spend $300 for something that doesn't even record correctly.

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Reboot the HR34 and your recordings will probably work again.

When you reboot, you may even see a message about recordings in progress, your missed recording(s) that is. A few have reported that the HR34 gets stuck thinking its recording something and thus doesn't really execute the recording.

Rebooting clears the recording issue for most folks.
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