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HR34 stops a playing a show when a recording start

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I have looked around different threads and have't seen this mentioned so I might be unique. (Lucky me).

While watching a recorded program it suddenly stops playing. Usually the back button will restart the show (but not always). What is especially curious is that it mostly happens on the hour or half hour.

Further investigation shows that it happens when another show starts recording. This is usually on the hour. Then it happened on the half hour and last night at 10:45. What is interesting is that all of these times corresponds to a start time or end of a show. Last night when it stopped at 10:45 it wasn't to record a program I asked for but the HR34 was in fact tuned to an HBO program that had just started.

So I am thinking it may be related to a tuner switching to a new channel. Mostly it is switching to a channel to record a show I requested. But sometimes to some other show.

Usually the Back button will restart the recording at the spot stopped, but sometimes it restarts at the start of the program.

My configuration is HR34, HR20/100, H24 on a Whole Home DVR connection and a couple of SD receivers.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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