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Is there a way to tell which tuner you are using at any given time when watching live tv? Having problem with what seems to be a couple of fox stations 663 fox sports Detroit hd and channel 2 local fox. I get a lot of pixelating but if I start double play so that I am on another tuner it goes away but if I switch back to other tuner it is still there

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Although it won't tell you what transponder and sat, you can get signal strength for the channel you're watching with IP control enabled and a browser


You'll see something like:

"command": true,
"param": true,
"prefix": true,
"return": {
"data": "5F",
"response": 244,
"value": 0
"status": {
"code": 200,
"commandResult": 0,
"msg": "OK.",
"query": "/serial/processCommand?cmd=FA90"

"5F" is the signal strength of the tuned channel in hex (95).
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