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HR34 Upgraded Question

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I'm considering an offer from DirecTv to upgrade to an HR34 from my HR20-100. I am not planning on keeping my HR20, so it will be a swap out.

The offer does not include the Whole Home installation, only the cinema connection kit and a standard installation.

What am I missing if I do not upgrade to the Whole Home installation? It would be about an extra $150 out of pocket for the Whole Home install.

Thanks for your input.

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I have no other receivers. Planning on having the HR34 only at this time.

I would like the option to either add a receiver in the future, or access the HR34 with a Samsung RVU supported tv (or another brand if RVU is supported in the future).
I did get a quote for both the HMC (HR34) as well as an upgrade to a newer DVR.

So from what I understand from your post, my basic needs will be served without having the whole home installation. I will be able to stream to the ipad, use directpc2tv to watch recorded programs on a laptop or computer, and download vod on the HR34.

I'll be missing the ability to add an RVU client, and the ability to add a 2nd dvr that can share recorded programming between it and the HR34. I can still add a 2nd dvr, but it and the HR34 won't communicate.

If I'm understanding correctly, I think I can live without the whole home. It will save me $150 up front and $3/month.

Please correct me if I'm not fully understanding something.

Thanks for your help.
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1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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