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HR34 Upgraded Question

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I'm considering an offer from DirecTv to upgrade to an HR34 from my HR20-100. I am not planning on keeping my HR20, so it will be a swap out.

The offer does not include the Whole Home installation, only the cinema connection kit and a standard installation.

What am I missing if I do not upgrade to the Whole Home installation? It would be about an extra $150 out of pocket for the Whole Home install.

Thanks for your input.

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In order to get the HR34 installed they will have to switch you over to SWM and install a Cinema Connect Kit. Once you have that installed you will be all set up for Whole Home DVR if you ever decide to add another receiver or RVU client. No need to worry about getting Whole Home added now.

If you add another receiver or RVU client you will just hook it up to a coax cable and they will be able to enable Whole Home DVR in their system without installing anything else becuase your wiring will already be set up to do it.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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