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I have been running an HR-44 with a RC66 IR remote in order to command a Sonos sound bar at the same time.
I added an IR repeater, since the signal was blocked by a cabinet door. It worked fine for months.
After the first failure of the HR44 to repond to commands, I was able to reprogram the remote and the tv and the Sonos.
After on day it failure to respond to commands. Directv want to replace the HR44. I don't want to lose all the content I have on the disk.
One thing that the techs were unable to answer is why the IR/RF setup coise in settings/remote control is dimmed out.
This does not allow a choice to be made and perhaps correcting the problem
Any ideas?

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the reason why the settings are dimmed out is because you don't have an RF remote

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If you have ambent light sensor as a TV feature try turning it off.

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You can use a cell phone camera just to be absolutely certain the current IR remote is in fact emitting a signal.

(can an RC66 fail to run a D* receiver and still work a Sonos soundbar? Ellifiknow, LOL)
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