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Just an update on Huge Drop in Signal Strength... and a bit of a rant.

Short version:

The LNB assembly was bad. They couldn't find a replacement, so they replaced the whole dish. Everything is back to normal now.

Long version:

I took a half day off work for my 8am-12pm appointment. I was their only morning appointment.

Two guys show up around 9am and say they can't work on it in the rain and they'd have to come back tomorrow.

I told them I took vacation time and they needed to fix the problem before 12pm. (Four hours is more than enough time to realign and/or repair the dish. It's not my fault you showed up an hour late for your job, nor is it my fault it's raining.)

They say they'll come back at 11am "when the rain stops."

I asked 1) Are you going to be able to fix it by 12pm. I have to go to work. 2) Why don't you go take a look at the dish to see if you can figure out what's wrong with it, just in case you need a part or something. 3) There's no guarantee the rain is going to stop before 11am.

They said they'd be able to fix it by 12pm, that it was pointless to do anything in the rain, and hopefully the rain would stop by 11am.

Jeez guys it's just a drizzle. Before the signal strength problem, my AT-9 could pull in signals in the 90s during a thunderstorm. This little bit of drizzle won't be a problem. I have a feeling these lazy installers just didn't want to get wet or do any real work.

11:30am rolls around, so I call the guys and ask if they are going to show up before I have to go to work. They assure me they're on their way.

I call the office and let them know I'll be out the rest of the day as well. Oh well.

They show up just before 12pm with a second truck and an additional installer. So I go through the problem again with the new guy, who actually checks the signal strength on my receivers, the wiring and connections, the multi-switch, and the dish itself. Everything looked good, so he put the meter on the dish.

As soon as he did that he said "Oh, you've got a bad LNB." They spent the next 20 minutes trying to find a replacement. They told me there are three versions of the 5-LNB dish. The first two look identical, but the LNB assembly is mounted differently. The third is the slimline.

They finally find a replacement and say they'll be back "later."

3:00pm rolls around, so I call the guys and ask if they are going to show up anytime soon. They don't have the part and say they'll be back "later."

6:00pm rolls around, so I call the guys again, but get no answer. At this point, I call DirecTech's toll-free number. Some guy in Colorado tries to contact the installer, but gets no answer. He said he'd get in touch with his supervisor and/or supervisor's supervisor and to expect a call back.

Around 7:15pm, I go to pick up something to eat. I was gone less than 15 minutes and the guy freaking calls when I'm gone. How's that for luck? He doesn't bother calling my cell phone. When I call him back, I get no answer.

So I do the DirecTech toll-free number thing again and wait. I get no call backs.

Around 8:30pm, I call DirecTech's toll-free number again to tell them not to bother sending anyone out because I've been stuck at home waiting on these guys for over 12 hours now, and I'm livid.

Guess who calls when the agent is looking up my account. Yep, you guessed it. The installers say they're on their way.

Fine. Whatever. I tell the folks in Colorado that they're on their way.

They show up, put a new dish together in my garage, and install the new dish on the roof. My problems are all gone now.

Well, except for the old dish laying in my side yard, the new dish's packaging laying on my garage floor, and the sloppy job they did.

Moral of the story:

Ironwood ain't the only bad installation company. See Why Ironwood Communications can go to HE**

Don't let the installation company make you too mad. See HR-20 Installation and Initial Setup Tips

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