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From an article in PCWorld(!):
Hulu on Tuesday launched "Battleground," an original new "dramedy" series. The move pits the online video streaming service, Hulu, again Netflix, that also recently launched an original series. Both hope to attract and retain customers with original content. Hulu's "Battleground" will have a 13-episode run and is a series that focuses on the lives of workers in a fictional campaign for a U.S. Senate seat in Wisconsin.

Unlike Netflix, which recently posted all eight episodes of its new series "Lilyhammer" to its website on the same day, Hulu will release one 22-minute episode of "Battleground" every Tuesday.

Hulu's original content has something else Netflix's series doesn't have: Commercials. However, unlike commercial TV, you can choose between having "Battleground" broken up by ads, as is done in broadcast TV, or watch one long advertising trailer at the beginning of an episode and watch the rest of the program uninterrupted.
With commercials....

Ultimately this professionally produced streaming content trend will whittle away at TV ratings and advertising support. And when does it qualify for Emmy consideration?:eek2:
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