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Hurricane Ike causing MLB & NFL postponments

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It appears the first 2 games of the Cubs vs. Astros series this weekend are postponed & the Ravens vs. Texans game will be played Monday Night @ 8:30 (7:30 Houston time). Possible talks about moving the Cubs-Astros series are possible I hear. Anybody know what the weather is going to be like in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Area on Sunday & Monday? They could possibly play a Doubleheader on Sunday & a single game on Monday @ the Rangers Ballpark with the Rangers being in Oakland this weekend. The Rangers do host Detroit on Monday Night but the Cubs & Astros could play in the afternoon. I also wonder about New Orleans? I believe the Superdome has hosted baseball before & the Saints are in Washington, DC this weekend. Just a few thoughts. I know the Ravens-Texans game will be televised on the CBS affiliates in Baltimore, Houston & their secondary markets but does anybody know if it will be on the NFL Sunday Ticket for the rest of the country?
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Supposedly Ike is going to hit Houston just after mid-night and move north towards Dallas/Ft. Worth, so I would think most of eastern Texas will get hit hard in the next few days. I think we'll see more postponed events.
yeah it's an AMAZING Washout all around baseball. Thanks to FOX Saturday Baseball's Exclusive deal we'll miss ALOT of baseball come Saturday on MLB Extra Innings.
Yes we will. This stinks!
Ravens @ Texans game is postponed.Reliant Stadium suffered damage to its retractable roof from Hurricane Ike.This information came from KHOU in Houston,on DirecTV channel 361.
Ravens will play the Texans on Nov. 9th when the Bengals were supposed to be there. Bengals will take their bye that week & play the Texans on Oct. 26 when both teams originally had their bey.
A lot of rain out on the east coast & Chicago on Friday. White Sox had both games postponed today and more rain expected in Chicago tomorrow. Now I understand why MLB wanted to wait until the Wednesday after the regular season instead of the Tuesday to start postseason. I think there will be games being played on both Monday the 29th & Tuesday the 30th.
In case it rains in Chicago again today and both Tigers-White Sox games get called off, anybody like the idea of sending the Tigers (who are scheduled off Thursday) to Yankees Stadium to play a makeup game with the White Sox on Thursday afternoon with the Sox & Yanks in their regularly scheduled game on Thursday Night?
Since there were so many rain outs, I like the idea of moving all make ups to the end of the season and pushing back the playoffs a couple days instead.

Right now, we could have a situation where the Cubs have the NLCentral wrapped up before the final series with the Brewers and would rather lose those games than play another game in Houston, especially since we all know it has little effect on the post season if you are playing well or poorly going in, just that you're healthy and as rested as possible.

I hope they are sending the gate receipts from Milwaukee to Hurricane relief.
The Texans announced last Friday that the Oct. 5 home opener vs. the Colts will occur at Reliant Stadium.


It is expected that all 8 of the home games scheduled for this season will be played at the stadium,with the roof open.
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