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I Am So Frustrated!!!!!

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Okay so here is the premise:

I am moving into a brand new apt complex.
I sceduled install 3 weeks ago. I took off of work to be there for the 9-1 window. At 12:30 I get a call saying they must cancel. They said I would get a call back in 48 hours. After 2 weeks pass I get aggrevated and I call back, they say we are not sure why you were not called, but we can schedule you for This friday 9-1. I say ok. I just wanted the DVR package. So today I change my mind and decide I want the HD package. I really want the HD / DVR but refuse to pay 100 bucks for it. I know I am cheap.

Well the CSR tells me that because the install is within 48 hours they have to push my install back to Monday if I want to change boxes!!!!

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Welcome to DBSTalk!

Let us know how the installation goes. We've heard much worse stories, by the way :)
Ya, the messages take awhile to come down the line sadly.

Best of luck on your install though!
Just keep in mind, when you call d*, you're talking to someone possibly thousands of miles away who usually has jack-squat to do with the install process.
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