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I can't get 99c and 103c at the same time!

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My dish is easy to get to so I have made many fine tuning adjustments myself. I have found that when 99c is in the high 80s that 103c is in the 50s. When I fine tune 103c into the 80s then 99c goes very low. What should I try?
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Your tilt setting might be off. Or your dish mast is not plumb. What are your readings on 101 and 119?
four bolts on the back of the dish itself will alow tilt adjustment.. sounds like yours is a little off...
Start anew. Make sure the mast is plumb. Set tilt and elevation per spec for your zip code. Move the dish azimuth to get 101. Peak azimuth and elevation on 101. Check 119 if it has the same readings as 101, ie mid 90s, leave tilt alone.
THEN peak on 103. you should be good to go.
My tilt could be off by maybe 1 degree or a half degree. It's supposed to be at 91 and it is just under the 92 tick. Would that make a big difference? I'll check the mast too. 101 and 119 are all high 80s to mid 90s.
Since 101 and 119 are approximately the same, tilt should not be a problem. It's possible the mast may not be plumb or the dish could be warped.
Thanks. If 119 numbers are all slightly lower then it could be tilt? I'll check things out and keep trying. :)
A degree of is a lot for the new sats.. not so much for the older ones..
Set elevation for the highest 103c signal strength attainable and then, try adjusting tilt to increase sat 99c's signal strength.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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