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I don't get the problem with on-demand.

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So, we all love on-demand, right? Especially all that "free" programming that comes with our premium channels. YES! So why can we only watch most of it on our computers? HBO-GO, Cinemax-GO, great services. Want to watch Alien, circa 1979? Boom, it's there. How about Dexter, yup, get it online, on your android, even through Dish on your laptop, but not on your TV? Whaaat? :eek2: Roku even allows me to watch HBO on-demand shows on my TV. This is a powerful tool. Why can't the Hopper be a portal to all those shows? If my iphone, evo, ipad and laptop can be a portal, why not my hopper? Maybe it can be done and I'm missing something? :confused:
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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