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I guess It was too good to be true

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I've been asked by a member of the Admin to tone it down in the Potpourri forum because people have been complaining about my post and I've been accused of chasing "valued" members away because they didn't like my opinions or the truth.

I never been so insulted in my life to receive a PM that blamed me
for doing wrong when this is supposed to be the bastion of freedom. If I can't be myself then I do not want to be any part of this board anymore. Instead of the admin telling the people who were complaining to like it or lump it, they tell me to tone it down.

I resign!
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As per Rage's request, his account has been deleted.
I am truly sorry to see this happen. While I probably would not agree with Rage on a lot of his viewpoints. The posts I have seen have not been outright offensive or deliberately hurtful..Though the administrators have the right to police members as well and I respect that..Best of Luck Rage and take care..

Tim L
None of us really believe Rage is going away. That's ok too. Just like Cong. Traficant, you can't shut him up. He'll be back, kittens, vampires, pedos and all.

Take care, buddy. :)
Awhile back Rage made an insightful post about countenance. I think lot of people thought some (but not all) of the topics presented and opinions were strange but what precipitated complaints was the use of insults towards other members who took issue with his viewpoints. I mean yes he is entitled to express his but respect for differeing viewpoints would be nice.

I enjoyed some of his posts. I really did and I sometimes agreed with him. I hope he stays around. Although I do not see the real point of resigning as a member but continuing to post under the same name. But we each entitled to take symbolic stands as we see fit.

For one thing I would miss his sense of humor if he did go away. It was there alongside everything else and I think it gave us all a chuckle from time to time.

But I really think the issue is not the opinions themselvbes so much as ho the discussions progresses. But perhaps I am alone in feeling this way.
Rage WAS your most valued member, or at least should have been. He brought truth to this board. He was a good reason to come here to read posts!

-Rage-, if you're out there - next time you have any cool new insights into our government (no matter if I agree with you or not), please email them to me or post them on my website (links below. Or in case I change that - [email protected] and members.truepath.com/tiggerfan )
Get a grip, he's not going away. He PROMISED he was going to be posting less a while ago but it seems like he's posted more. He can't leave he needs the attention. :)

And Mark, he's out there, way out there.
It's just his posts are so funny I hope he really doesn't leave. Sure, some of it's insulting crud (like saying the NIV is the work of Satan), but some of it really makes you think. Sure, I don't believe most of it - but it's nice to read.
I'll see you around Rage. I have to keep tabs on you for the government. :D
Why all this hatred toward Rage? I don't agree with him, but he does stimulate discussion. Seems like this board is just going to turn into a Game Thread board... :rolleyes:
If the problem was insulting other members, then I can see the reason for the hub-bub. But otherwise there is an "ignore" feature on the board I made use of for JUST such an occasion. :)

Sorry to see this happen, but I will always give the benefit of the doubt to the group of people that I DONT have in my ignore list.

See ya
"Why all this hatred toward Rage?"

Well Rage wasn't NEARLY as hated as I am (the reason I recent started posting at DBSForums again. No matter what actual intelligent comment I make - it gets ignored because of the hatred towards me), and I'm really a very nice guy. So I have to give him the benefit of doubt and trust he really is a nice guy, who is a little paranoid.
You aren't hated Mark. Neither is Rage

You ARE a nice guy. (Yes I did say that. And no I am not on Drugs.) :D

Sometimes it seems you like to push our buttons. I am not sure you aware you do it but from our (or to be fair) from my prospective You are doing it.

Here at work today I got an email from another employee which upset me and a few other co workers who got it. So I called the employee to find out that what he wrote and what he meant were two different things. We all took this person the wrong way because of what he wrote, its funny, typed text has not voice but the way you read an email or post can put an entirely different tone or view on the message then what was intended.

With that being said there are some thing you do which I find annoying, for example the widescreen tv debate, it started off as a nice debate but quickly turned into Marks beliefs and how your answer was the only correct one. I respect your opinion but opinions are like noses everyone has one. :) You may think or know in your mind that your right, and theres nothing wrong with that, you can try to better explain your position , but when you start posting the same thing again and again and again to drive home your feelings it gets to be annoying. Your posts are GOOD the first time, but get very annoying when you try to drive the point home again and again just to convert people to believe what you think is right.

Now over the past few days a lot of crap has gone on. (It always seems to happen this time of the year) We have had some members get upset at the actions of other users and write us to tell us they are leaving. We are sorry to see them go.

Please understand we do not get paid to run this site, the site is operating due to the generality of some of our members, all the money goes to paying the bandwidth bills, as you can imagine serving over 4 million hits a month can get expensive.

We run this site as we feel we can give everyone a home for some good DBS Talk, we have also had lots of luck with our Potpourri area, but unfortunately some of the topics have gotten out of hand. The problem is that for the most part none of the topics in any way violate any of our rules, most of the topics get some really good discussions, not everyone agrees, and thats a good thing in my book, of course some people act like idiots, but please remember the words of the Immortal Forrest Gump, "Stupid is as Stupid Does"

There is no need to call others names or start fights, my advice is skip to the next topic, or better yet put that user on your ignore list.

I am always asked how come I didn't edit a topic because of what some users said or did, I must be honest, I don't read every topic posted here. I do my best the moderate the areas I am the moderator for, some areas I rarely read at all.

Also please understand that if there is a message that does need to be edited and you PM or email us about it, it may take us a while to get to it, there was something that happened the other night where one user called another user a name, the user PMed me to let me know, the message was fixed a few hours later and the user who PMed me was upset I did not correct the problem immediately for him, because he saw that my name is here as being online. Please understand that just because my name (or any other staff member) is shown as being online does not necessarily mean we are indeed here. I am famous for coming here doing an admin function and then turning off my screen and going to bed, this it shows me being online, other times there are certain automated tasks being done showing me online, while again I am not really here. If you send a message to me or any staff member and you do not get an immediate reply then chances are we are busy.

We do our best to keep DBStalk.COM a fun, informative family environment. We want everyone to enjoy each and every visit to our site. We put a lot of work into it to make it one of the best boards around. We would like it to stay that way. :)

Again Mark, please take a step back and look at things, as you will see some things that you and others do may be meant in a good way but can easily be taken the wrong way.

You are a good guy, I hope you can just take a step back and take a look at thing and see why people may think certain things, remember when your at the bottom there is only one way to go, UP. I hope you help us into keeping DBStalk.COM a place where everyone can learn and enjoy.
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But why make Rage feel like he's not wanted?
Originally posted by James_F
But why make Rage feel like he's not wanted?
When I look at Rage's original post he says he was asked to "tone it down". Now maybe that made him feel unwanted only he can say. But that hardly constitutes throwing him out. It was criticism plain and simple.
Just for the record, Rage pm'ed and emailed us to edit other users posts because he did not like them. (I did not see the original posts so I don't know what was wrong in them)

However when other members wrote us and asked us to edit some things Rage said, Rage got upset that we edited his posts to tone them down a notch.

It is my understanding that Rage asked to be removed.

I hope this clarify's things a little better.
Agreed, but he felt like he needed to leave. I know Chris and the gang didn't throw him out, but he felt like he needed to leave.
Originally posted by Mark
"Why all this hatred toward Rage?" he really is a nice guy, who is a little paranoid.
define "little" for me. :rolleyes:

I really tried to read his posts but I can only take soo much of his X-Files mentality. Don't worry, he'll be back.
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