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I was scheduled for 12-4pm and the installer showed up about 3:30pm. Directtech (local installer) had called ahead of time to make sure I did not have any questions before the installer arrived. I recognized the installer, he had done my neighbors a few months back. Tony was very polite and quickly assessed the location for the new dish. I currently had a 3 LNB dish mounted on a wood platform screwed to my trellis above the deck with perfect LOS to the sats. Due to the size and weight of the new dish, Tony thought this would not work. I did not want it on the roof (2-story) or mounted to the side of the house(vinyl siding). We decided on a pole mount. Tony wanted $75 since this is not part of the "free" install. I agreed to $50 if he also ran all new cables to the relocated Tivo DVR now in the basement and a new line for my upstairs bedroom which now has a relocated non-DVR receiver. I also got him to throw in a HDMI cable. The new equipment includes a slimline 5 LNB dish and HR-21 DVR. I relocted existing receivers to new locations. The new dish location works perfectly. Great LOS and getting signal strength in the 90's on all sats. It is next to the house where the cables actually pass through to the basement. He installed a new Zinwell multi-switch and made sure all the cable runs had new connectors installed. We fired up the new HR-21 and tested the unit before Tony left. The unit downloaded a new software within the first 1/2 hour of being turned on. I later connected the HR-21 to my Lynksys router and was able to get the VOD running. I am not sure if there is much there I would watch? I was also able to connect to the home network and use the file sharing feature on the HR-21 using TVersity software. It was really cool to listen to some of my music being streamed while I was watching a football game in HD!!!!! All in all a great install.
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