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A few years ago, the Patriots decided against the individual introductions

"at quarterback, number 16...."

They said it was for team unity...whatever, now every team has to do it, or they look like egomaniacs. Result: that cut down on the time you had to wait watching linebackers and tight ends get introduced.

Some network just needs to do the same thing with the half-time show. Put extra money into something better for the "football experience" and end the half-time concerts. There are a dozen quality concerts on each week, better than the halftime show. If it work, every network would have to do it.

Maybe more quality audio mics down on the field, so they can put together a good 1st half highlight reel with audio. Not like when they mic a guy during the game and then he never says anything because he knows he's mic'd.

Just an idea...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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