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Just got off the phone with DirecTV. They were going to do the free upgrade to the new Tivo HDDVR...but it costs it's own 5 bucks a month on top of the regular DVR fee, so they upgraded me to the regular HD DVR's they have at no cost. Typical committment time. I also explained I'd rather have the 6 months free of Showtime/Starz as opposed to the 3 months of all of them and they did that. Also tossed me a 10 dollar a month bill credit for 12 months.

All in all, pretty happy. Got it scheduled on the date I want, and they said they can hookup the new SWM stuff so I only need one line per box (have to have it because both rooms everything was run in wall, and no more holes in the walls.

I had been seriously considering leaving, but I'm happy with this.
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