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I just joined the D* club

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I made up my mind what I wanted and finally went shopping today. I wanted a two room setup with a Ultimate TV in the den and a regular receiver in the upstairs game room.
1. Circuit City was the first stop. The UTV was half price at $100. With a $50 rebate their price would have been $260 installed. Well informed rep. He knew I would need a multi switch and priced it in so there would be no surprises.

2. Conn's Electronics (Houston). Sales rep didn't know beans. Took me to his manager, who was semi-literate and kept calling the UTV a Tivo. Price: $325 installed. They never mentioned the Multi Switch and probably never heard of it.

3. Radio Shack. Lady tried to convert me to DishNEtwork and tried to convince me that the 301 receiver could record. Priced out the UTV Direct TV system I wanted at $225 installed. No mention of the Multi switch. She also told me that the UTV came with its own dish so the one that came with the basic receiver set could be discarded. I didn't believe her.

4. Best Buy. The place was hopping and I had to wait a while for a rep. I got a good one. They had some out of box UTVs minus manuals and remote for $99. He found me a complete set, never unwrapped unit, with everything there. The tape on the box had been cut partially. He said. "oh well. OPen box! $99.00.
They were running a two room system installed for $50.00 They backed off the cost of one receiver, added the $99.00 UTV and $80 multi switch. After rebate it will cost me $150 installed.
I was happy with the deal. Is it okay?

Had I not been educated (somewhat) about DBS before I went shopping, I would not know what to look for and I wouldn't have realized that some of the sales people knew much less than I do.
I thank all of the staff and members of DBSTalk.com for participating in my education process. Of course I realize there is still much to learn.

By the way, while I was in Best Buy, a lady came in saying she had to buy an eliptical dish because she wanted to receive NASA select. We live in the Clear Lake City part of Houston. Thousands of people work for NASA. She was told that she would have to have another receiver. The girl who was helping her said that only HD receivers work with the eliptical dish and they start at $500. The lady does not have HD television. Why would she have to have an HD receiver. The lady and the girl rep talked to D* on a cell phone. I don't know what they decided. I told the lady I knew she had to have the eliptical dish (or maybe a second dish) for the NASA Select channel (learned that here) but I had never heard of the need for a HD receiver.
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Congrats Kenster!

You got a good deal!

Some sales people are morons, they are just in the store to collect their $7.25 a hour paychecks.

I guess the problem is the people who know their stuff would cost to much to work in one of those stores.

I almost took a night and weekend job at Best Buy just for fun (I could have cared less if they paid me!) as I know my stuff real well, and I feel an informed customer is a happy customer. So I went in an met with the manager who would have loved to have me on their staff, it looked real cool till they told me that I had to sell so many extended service contrats (they call them PSP's) per day and if I didnt reach their goals that I could be let go without warning.

I dont want to sell service contracts, I want to help people pick the best equipment for their needs.
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