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I just saw the worst movie ever

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I was flipping through the channels and caught this movie right at the start, the movie was Sgt Peppers Lonley Hearts Club Band.

Being a fan of the Beatles I thought I would like it, with Gerorge Burns the narrator and the Bee Gees and Sgt Peppers band this had to be the wackiest movie I have ever seen in my life, the story and the plot made no sense.

The music was classic Beatles stuff yet was sung in some strange ways, I almost lost it when George Burns started singing "Fixing a hole" don't believe me Click here to listen

In the middle of the movie the show just stops and out comes Earth Wind and Fire, and they do their own Mini Concert singing Got to get you into my life, complete with a big stage with letters that Blink Earth Wind and Fire.

Then there is Steve Martin, singing Maxwells Silver Hammer. Oh god when will this film end. Click here to listen if you ears can take the torture!

While some songs had me singing along most of the time I was wondering how the hell this movie ever got released.

I hope Paul McCartney sounds better then this when I see him in concert next month. :)

If your flipping through the TV and see this movie on, I would skip it. :D
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That movie was a big deal when it was being released, but you notice unlike Tommy or other "Musicals", you rarely ever see this one repeated (even on VH1) That says alot.
This was a VERY bad movie! I paid a good 4 bucks to see this in the theater too! About halfway through it, the entire audience was channelling Joel, Tom Servo and Crow even before they existed as MST3k. :) The experience was entertaining. The movie was TERRIBLE!

Come on...Peter Frampton and the Bee Gees? No... It's to terrible to rememeber...must....for..get....MUST...for..get....

See ya
this is a horrible film, followed closely by "can't stop the music"(but i wish you would!!!)...
You figure "Can't Stop the Music" was going to be bad even before walking in. But you figure that it would be real hard to mess up "Sgt Pepper" one of the most popular albums of all time. "Tommy" could have been a bad movie, but you had Tina turner as the Acid Queen, and Elton John, etc (lots of energy to it all). But I guess sadly Bee-Gees were the popular ones at the time. If only they waited a few more years or had done it a few years earlier.
Ok....This was a bad movie but have you ever
seen Ed Wood's"Plan 9 from Outer Space"?
Now that is a BAD movie!
Plan 9 was so bad it was GOOD!
You obviously haven't seen "Jingle All the Way" staring Ahnold. THIS is the worse movie ever made, and it was made in and around my former home town of Minneapolis. There was one scene in the movie where a car broke down on a bridge and was pushed to a diner. The bridge where the car broke down was the Hennepin Ave bridge in downtown Minneapolis. The diner was in downtown St. Paul, about 25-30 miles away. They didn't even look tired after pushing that far. :lol:
Originally posted by Rking401
You obviously haven't seen "Jingle All the Way" staring Ahnold.
Any Ahnold movie is better than any Stalone Movie (alright any Stalone Movie after "Rambo") :D
gc.. have you seen Jingle All the Way? It is a REAL clunker. I would sit through a day of the worse Stalone movies before watching that one again. I really do believe it is the worse movie I have ever seen and I have seen Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (a terrible movie in it's own right). Hey Adrian. :lol:
I have seen "Jingle All the Way", I see your "Jingle" with a "Stop! or My Mom Will Shoot" and raise you a "Rhinestone" and an "Over The Top" :D

And I have an "Oscar" hidden up my sleeve :p





I will argue to the death that after First Blood in 1982 he must have stopped reading his scripts (Copland only exception in past 20 years) :D
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And I have an "Oscar" hidden up my sleeve
I probably shouldn't admit this, but I actually enjoyed this flick. :lol: It actually had a plot, some character development (more than the typical shoot em up, which I also enjoy), and reminded me ever so slightly of an old movie that I very much enjoyed, "Arsenic and Old Lace". Both of these flicks were actually more like plays than movies and could easily be done as plays on the live stage.
Wow! I guess I'm in the minority here. I sort of liked Sgt Peppers, Jingle All The Way (watch it every Christmas) and Oscar. I go to the movies to escape and have fun. While these movies may not be the best, I will watch them because they make me smile. I even liked Howard The Duck, The Car and Vegas Vacation.

Look at it this way, why are these movies still in circulation if they are really that bad? Obviously somebody likes them. So go watch that really crappy but classic Rocky Horror Picture Show for the 546th time and just have fun.
Other than Sgt. Peppers, I actually liked all the other movies mentioned in their own way. Well...maybe not Rhinestone. :D

But Plan 9 from Outer Space is a CLASSIC! It is like the Rocky Horror Picture Show. It's so bad that it is a great comedy!

I took Jingle All the Way for the farse it was. It was great fun. It wasn't meant to be the next Terminator movie or True Lies. It was just a romp.

Same goes for "Oscar". This was a 1950's farse in the 80's (?) (or early 90s...don't remember...not important). Mistcast, I'll grant you. But had this movie been made in 1956 it would have starred Cary Grant or David Niven or even Edward G. Robinson.

The problem I have with Sgt. Peppers is you JUST CAN'T MESS WITH THE BEATLES!!!!

See ya
But had this movie been made in 1956 it would have starred Cary Grant
Just as "Arsenic and Old Lace" did. I knew there was a reason I like both movies. AAOL though, was made in 1944.

I go to the movies to escape and have fun.
Ditto here. That is the nice thing about some of the above "bad" movies, although I can't say Jingle is an escape. :D The nice thing about most of the above is that they are usually filled with sight gags which take some concentration on the movie and plot to catch. This is totally different than most shoot em ups which don't require much in the way of concentration to get the most out of them. Not that I don't enjoy a good shoot em up.

On my favorite silly movies list along with AAOL would be "Harold and Maude" and "Raising Arizona". H&M attained cult status and played for 5 years uninterrupted in one theater in suburban Minneapolis. Additionally, "The Freshman" is a good silly flick, but doesn't quite make it to the level of the others.
The worst movie by a long shot for me is "Shakes the Clown"...

Back in college, this movie was never rented at the local Blockbuster. We had to finally try it ourselves and :ewww:

Is anyone even thinking about:

Hudson Hawk?
The first half of the Swayze/Snipes/Leguizamo movie "....Julie Newmar?"
Color of Night?
Star Trek V? (And I'm a big ST fan....)
Hot to Trot with Bobcat Goldthwait????? :eek2:
Originally posted by cnsf
Is anyone even thinking about:

Hudson Hawk?
The first half of the Swayze/Snipes/Leguizamo movie "....Julie Newmar?"
Color of Night?
Star Trek V? (And I'm a big ST fan....)
Row, row, row your boat.....


Shatner.......Step away from the directors chair!

See ya
actually, there were a number of good things about ST V-considering they yanked his budget midway thru the movie and choose basically a dumb topic(think about this-how much better a film would it have been if "god" had turned out to be Gary Mitchell), i think he did a pretty decent job considering...but then, my favorite bond film is "on her majesty's secret service" so what do i know...lol
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