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I love my HR21-100's

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In early June, I switched from Dish Network to DirecTV. I had 4 HR21-100's installed. They have been working great since the day they were installed. One of them has an ESATA PureDrive providing a TB of data storage, and it works very well. So well, that when the price of the TB PureDrive went to $139 with free shipping I ordered another.

Thank you DirecTV, and thank you dbstalk.com for helping me decide on DirecTV and for helping to make my experience of converting from Dish Network to DirecTV as painless as possible.

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That's good to hear Rose, and matches what my local installer has said is true of the boxes in general. I was a modified DirecTivo guy for a long time and didn't think I would like the non-Tivo boxes. After a month of use, there are pros and cons to each, but overall I can live with the HR21. We really miss MRV and can't wait for that feature.

My experience has been a little rockier, but I believe the sat/bbc/connection issues may have been the cause, and not the HR21 per se. I believe the box can be improved to handle these anomalies better, but I no longer blame all of my issues on the box itself.
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