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i think i'm the only one in america .....

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...who likes elizabeth rohm, the blond on law and order.....:shrug:
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I liked her on Angel, but in Law & Order she's simply in way over her head. She just doesn't know how to play a confident, powerful District Attorney.

-Lyle J.P.
Which L&O, Jack? The original or SVU?

I like the blondes on both!
well, don't bring up SUV, because they just hired one of my "crushes" from the '70s-judith light- in the reoccuring role of the head DA on SUV(just how many head das ARE there in new york, byw???)

also-whilst it's on my mind-i was soooo resistant to replacing steven hill with dianne weist on the original L & O because she ALWASY seemed to play air headed gals in her movies, but she has really impressed me the past two years-i guess dick wolf kinda knows what he's doing!!!!

interesting show to watch next year-wolf ebtertainment gets the reup of dragnet after the football season ends next year-am REAL curious to see how this works out!!!\

I see we're on the same wavelength. I've liked Judith Light in just about everything I've seen except the excrementable Who's The Boss? sitcom. My problems w/SUV are the one-note performing of Ice Tea, the fish-out-water Munch & the fact that I can't seem to warm up to Mariska Hagerty.

Dunno about Dragnet . This version better be hip. The only other watchable version was the original 50's version w/Jack Webb & Ben ? and that was kind of a hoot, too.
if you want a treat, sometime catch the '50's dragnet feature film-it's a hoot, esp watching friday harass and even at one point beat up on a room full of thugs just for wisecracking!!!and only getting a disapproving nod from the commanding officer...lol
Judging by her magazine cover I would say you are nott he the only one.
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