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I believe you would have issues with MPEG4 channels (usually HD), but onky on one tuner. It would be fine on the other one as its unlikely both are bad. Swapping BBCs wold move the issue to the other tuner.

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I think you mean BBC, B-Band Converter! Usually you'll see some pixelization on the HD channels. Switch the coax inputs with their BBCs around on the back of the receiver, assuming it's on your DVR, and see if the other tuner now has the same issue on HD channels now that it has the bad BBC on it. If not then could be something else is your setup.

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420benz said:
What are the symptoms of a bad one?
By using the following test channels you can determine if your BBC is bad.
Fist a quick explanation of a test channel, if the test channel is showing correctly you will see a message on the bottom of your screen that says something like "Correct HD Dish setup. 103 A-Band Odd." If the test channel shows Searching for Satellite then you know this test channel is not coming in. In order to test for a bad beband converter the following test channels need to be checked.

9506 9507 - Searching for Sattelite
9508 9509 - OK
9510 9511 - Searching for Sattelite
= bad BBC
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