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Icon in guide to indicate blacked out event.

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Is there a way to tell in the guide whether or not an upcoming sporting event is blacked out? I am in the Cleveland DMA, however I noticed that I am getting Root Sports Pittsburgh. The Pens games are coming thru ok just wondering about the Pirates. Zip 44041
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No. It would take some clever software for the Guide to display each of our blacked out channels. Would be a nice feature, though.
One of the problems is that it is not always possible to know what will be blacked out and what won't be until just before the game, because it depends on what game the "primary" channel (that controls the blackout) decides to show...
Guess I won't know for sure until a week into baseball season, when the extra innings free preview ends. I used to have E* I seem to remember seeing a circle with a line thru it in the guide when an event was blacked out for me.
A few years ago it would have been much easier to do this. Now with part-time and back-up channels, regional games and with national sports networks like NHL network who have their "pick" of games, it's much harder.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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