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Idiot's Guide to Connecting HR21-100 to LAN

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I've read the network threads here. They are informative, also confusing.

So I ask: What is the simplest and least expensive for connecting the HR21-100 (or equiv) to an existing home network.

My network is a Linksys WCG200 combo cable modem and wired/wireless router hooked to iMac running OSX & VMWare Fusion/Windows XP. Works fine for all computers in house.

I tried Netgear's dual wall-plugged connectors and could not get them to work. I would prefer wireless connection anyway.

If someone could do an "Idiot's Guide" (in addition to the exhaustive treatment already here) that would be very helpful to me and, I suspect, many others.
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This is still the best place with the best information...


Since many devices and setting vary....you'll need to take some time to determine what equipment, what connections, and what configurations fit your situation.

The beauty of this thread is that it contains a great deal of detailed information from actual users with their equipment.
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