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IE6SP1 released

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I just got a notification that Service Pack 1 is now available for Internet Explorer 6. Will download it from work and try it out.
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Downloaded it on a test machine, will let you know if it works. If you never hear from me again, it was very bad :D
I've downloaded IE's Service Pack 1, and all is fine here so far.
Bin there, done dat.

It's a big honking download.

So far, so good. :crossing fingers:
is this included in the XP Service pack
The IE 6 service pack is NOT included in the Win XP service pack so you have to do them separately.

I just downloaded and installed both the IE 6 service pack and the Win XP service pack (feeling brave today). Both seem to work fine so far. Windows seems to be a little more zippy but not much.
I downloaded it was not that big---at least not on broadband. But everything seems the same. No detectable difference.
That explains no difference and the lack of a cite in Windows Update.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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