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Hi everyone, Happy 4th! First post. Hopefully it's not too long-winded. I just wanted to share my story about how after 7 months I finally have a good signal :)

9-year echostar customer - at the turn of the new year I decided to get an LCD and wanted to switch to DTV since they have Tennis Channel in HD. Install was set for 1/20. It was COLD outside... about 5F. Installer comes (Bluegrass/DirecTech), removes my old Dish500 from the clapboard siding. I expressed concern that the siding wasn't going to be strong enough for the new dish that weighed appx. 10 times what the old one did. Installer assured me it was plenty strong. Said "I would use monopoles but I didn't bring any." :confused: I reluctantly agreed, knowing that it was freezing and the guy probably didn't wanna spend more than about 15 minutes up there. Anyway, he finished... signal levels were good. Still I had a feeling a trouble call was in my future...

A week later we have some phenomenol wind come through town. Signal levels look worse, but still, my channels are working. Winter ends - rain comes - and then the trouble really starts. All the weather guy had to do is mention the POSSIBILITY of rain and the dish would crap out. I dealt with it until April or so, when we got more severe wind which completely knocked it off track and I lost my channels. Called dish, and they agreed to send a tech (once again from Directech)to realign things. Before the guy came I installed a 6x14x2 buildup of hardwood on the siding... figured I'd ask the guy to move it to a place more sturdy. He came and looked at my board, went up on the ladder, and told me he didn't need to use it. I politely asked him to and he agreed - and he got it all aimed up again. Also asked him to use 2 monopoles but he said he only had one...... so he used one. Came inside and checked 103(c) cause he said he didn't have a meter that would look at that one. Great. However, he said I was good to go and he was on his way.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago. The day before the French Open finals, when ESPN and Tennis Channel hand over the broadcast rights to NBC, my HD locals go out. 103(c) looks terrible (signal in 20s). I start trying to figure out if there's even a bar that's willing to switch off of Arena Football reruns for 2 hours. I then go up to the dish and it's a bit off plumb. I mess around with it and come down and it seemed to be working... so I left it alone and saw the French finals no problem. But then a week ago, once again, locals die. I go on the ladder and it's totally out of plumb again. Inner dot is outside of outer dot. I decide to take matters into my own hands... I go to a local TV shop that sells directv, get another monopole, and add one on the other side. I loosen up the main mast lag bolts, sort of 'force' it to plumb and tighten everything up. I come down and look at the signals - 103(c) is in the high 80s, everything else is in the high 90s. And it's overcast. I crack open a beer and jump for joy!

I'm not thrilled about the Williams sisters and Fed/Nadal in the finals tomorrow, AGAIN, but I'll be watchin' my first Wimbledon finals in HD nonetheless!
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