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I'm an XM sub now.

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I bought the XM Roady that was on Woot a few days ago. ($39 AR with 3 months free and free activation). I got it installed yesterday with no problems. I haven't decided who wins on the signal quality area yet simply because I haven't had enough time ot listen yet. First impressionn is that music sounds a bit better on Sirius, but voice (talk station) sounds a bit better on XM. Music seems more compressed (dynamic range, not digital). I was listening to 6 for a bit and couldn't STAND the DJ on there, I hope he's not the only one on the station. He sounds like he's talking through a mouth full of marbles. All his "s's" sound like "sh's". They seem to talk more on XM (at least on that station) and say absolutely nothing, including talking over the music. My favorite station on Sirius was "Underground Garage" where the DJ's actually talked about the music and the history behind the various bands (for the most part). I found that interesting, not the typical, this song is dedicated to.... bla bla bla. Obviously I have to give it a bit more time, as I am judging it on only two stations so far, I am sure I will find some stations that I like.
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If your cars headunit does not have an auxiliary input, you can buy aux input adaptors. I bought a dual Aux input adaptor to allow me to have hardwired connections for both XM and Sirius. I disconnected my factory 6 disc CD changer, plugged one end of the adaptor into there, then connected each satellite radio receiver and can switch between the two inputs like I'd switch between different disc.
I have been searching the net for such an adaptor for my Hyundai Santa Fe with no luck. I have a head unit with a switch for the CD changer, but no changer installed, hence, no cable. Any idea where I can get such a cable (with the right logic built in) for my car. I bot one a while back that I thought would work, but all it did was blow a fuse. The one I bot was made for an Infinity brand car stereo. It had the right connector, but not the right logic.
Sirius is for The Beat, Buzzsaw, Classic Rewind, Hard Attack, Octane, Prime Country, Revolution, Super Shuffle, NFL Radio, Playboy Radio, Raw Dog, Sirius Patriot. I will also occasionally listen to Howard or Bubba.
Check out the "Underground Garage" sometime. You might like it for the variety and the education. :D
Richard, I purchased my adapter from Circuit City. It's branded 'USA Spec Aux Interface' and comes in an orange box.
They don't seem to have one for my car there. I have tried bunches of places with no luck for my model car. Hyundai will only provide it with a cd changer, which I don't need. If I could find a source (or a diagram of what's in the encased part of the cable) I would buy it or build it. I need a cable with an 8 pin Din connector to the appropriate audio connector(s). The cable I bot is like this:


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Well, I found the pin-out specification for the 8 pin DIN connector that I have at the end of the cable. I also found the Hyundai pin connection specification here: http://www.mp3car.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=44453 I have taken the module on the cable apart and found that there is no "logic" built into the module, simply an audio-r, audio-l and ground going through from the mini stereo plug soldered to three of the pins on the DIN connector. In theory, I should be able to take it apart and resolder to the proper pins and have it work. I will probably blow up my car in the process, but I will give it a try in the next few days, if I can find my soldering iron.


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I ruined one 8 pin din connector from having too hot a soldering iron. The local electronics shop only had one left so I bot it and took it to a television repair shop to have them solder it up. I will have it back today and try it out. What this will do for me is allow me to plug into the CD Changer input on my head unit so that with I push the CDC button on the front panel of the head unit XM will play through the system. No need for FM modulation or cassette adaptor. Not bad, if it works.

By the way, I just noticed your previous question and I will be XM only for at least the six months that I am required to have it per rebate terms. I do miss Underground Garage though.
For those who Wooted the other day, here's a good deal on the home kit:
Well, I got my home kit today and while I am currently an XM sub, once my six months are up I am out of here. The audio quality is even worse than I suspected it would be when listening through decent speakers. There is minimal, if any, channel separation. There are no highs, no lows. Sure, I expected a good rendition of '60's music, but I didn't expect to get thrown into the wayback machine and have to listen to the AM radio band that I had to back then. The quality of this thing is horrendous and totally unacceptable. If I hadn't committed to the 6 months I would send it back TODAY. All I can say is :barf: Too bad, I was really looking forward to this. Anyone want to buy a home kit? This is going to be relegated to car only use where the sound created by the car covers up some of the many flaws in the quality of this thing. I had no such problems with Sirius, I am using the exact same cables going into my equipment, I simply unplugged the audio cable from Sirius and plugged it into the XM receiver.
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I built it, but it doesn't work. There is some logic required that tells the head unit that the cd changer is there. I am still trying to find out how to get around this problem, but so far no luck. NO ONE sells an aux adaptor that works in Hyundai and I can get no info from the place where I bot the car. I think my problem is unique to the Hyunda as I can find adaptors for nearly all other cars. I even spoke to some of the accessory car companies and they couldn't tell me why the don't have one for Hyundai. I SUSPECT that Hyundai may make their own radios for the car that uses their own system of communication between the head unit and the CD changer.
Re the quality problem, i have emailed XM support. I will keep you all informed on what, if anything, I hear back.
I have not heard a peep back from XM at this point. I may cut them off before my 6 months is up.

neither sounds better or worse then the other.
Then I obviously have a defective XM unit beacause there is a night/day difference between my current XM and my former Sirius. XM is actually painful to listen to if you enjoy quality. :barf:
Here's the deal with my unit. I have no clarity in the highs. I have muddy bass. I have zero channel separation. In listening to it on my HT system if I have it in any surround mode 90% comes out the center channel, just as it does with all mono sources. Frequency wise it sounds like AM (if that good) with no static. Going to 76 (Blind Faith - "Can't Find My Way Home" is playing, a song that I am VERY familiar with) I have a distinct left channel, a center channel and barely any right channel. All channels are distorted. All channels are unlistenable for music, both in the car and at home. If I were one to use four letter words, this would be the appropriate place to insert such. Cousin B. B. just came on and he is also distorted.
I've also noticed most of the action on most stations is out of the center channel
That would be a deal killer for me if that is there standard. If I wanted mono I would get in the way back machine and tune it for 1960. :D Do you have a strong right (or left) signal on 71? 71 right now is so distorted it is painful to listen to.

I still haven't heard anything back from XM's "Customer Care" people.
I just called Delphi and got an RA number. It will go back to them on Monday and they will send me a new unit.
If one channel is more clearer and powerful then the other it's not by much.
You would notice it, it's a night and day difference in levels with mine.
According to the not so well trained ear of my mother, Contemporary Jazz on cable gets the win
Actually, female types generally have better better hearing than male types, so I would take her word for it. :lol:
I just dropped my unit off at the post office. It will be to Delphi in 3 days. I hope they rush it back to me. XM FINALLY answered my email this morning, after I had made arrangements to send it in. They told me to try another FM frequency :lol: or to boost the level.
Well, I got my replacement today. :D However, I haven't gotten it to work yet. I have it plugged into the home kit and all 3 bars are lit. I am listening to ch. 1 with no problem. I get all the barkers, meaning all is well with the radio. The first young lady I spoke to had a hard time with the ID number, which has 2 "J"s in it. She kept reading it back phonetically and saying George for the J letter. I finally realized she was not saying George, but, being in the Phillipines, Jorges. Once we got that straightened out she sent the signal and nothing happened for over an hour. I just called back again. Still waiting.

By the way, I REFUSE to speak to a computer named Caitlyn, or any other name for that matter.
After much effort it works. Audio is 100% better. "Good" left/right channel separation, although not as good as on the original music that I am familiar with. Frequency response is MUCH improved. I actually have some highs and lows.
Well, the battle goes on with them...
They are trying to bill me a $15.38 "activation fee" for the radio that was defective. I sent them an email a month ago to cancel the charge. I got another bill today for the same amount threatening to interrupt my programming. I sent them back the following email....

Below find my email to you from last month. Today I received another billing from you, this one threatening to shut off my service, that still has the $15.38 charge on it. Once again, cancel this charge as it is not valid. If I DO get cut off I WILL NOT return and will consider myself no longer obligated to fulfill the 3 months paid service that I agreed to. I have no problem returning to Sirius as I really miss the "Underground Garage" and have found nothing that you carry that compares. I do NOT talk to computers and pressing "0" did not get me to a human. If you want to discuss this, and you are a real human, feel free to call me at ***-***-****. A real human (me) will answer.

Richard King, former Sirius customer, now XM customer wondering why I ever bought shares of XM stock.

----- Original Message -----
From: <[email protected]>
To: <**********@comcast.net>
Sent: Sunday, November 26, 2006 7:28 AM
Subject: RE: Billing [******************]

> Dear Richard,
> Thank you for contacting XM Satellite Radio. We apologize for the inconvenience you faced with the automated system, please bear in mind that you can always dial zero to speak immediately to a live person. Upon reviewing your account we've seen that radio id ' ********** ' is active on a 3 month free trial and radio id ' ******** ' was activated before and this is what you are being $15.38 for.

I should not be getting charged $15.38 for ANYTHING. Cancel the charge. The first radio was under the same promotion.

> >
> On November 25, 2006 at 5:39 PM, ********@comcast.net wrote:
>>First Name: Richard
>>Last Name: King
>>Email Address: **********@comcast.net
>>Message Body: I am not going to "talk" to your computer no matter what you name it. If this is a problem I will take my business elsewhere.
>>Re: Account # *-**********
>>I received 3 bills in the mail today. None are correct.
>>Statement Date: 11/18/2006
>>I received a bill for $15.38 for an unidentified radio.
>>Also Statement Date: 11/18/2006
>>For radio *********** I received a bill for $15.38.
>>Statement Date: 11/19/2006
>>For radio ---------------- I received a bill for $15.38.
>>The first radio above was defective and replaced by the second radio. I cancelled the account after three of your people couldn't get the second radio to take an activation hit. I spent about 4 hours trying to get it activated with no luck, so I said to just cancel the account and I would go back to Sirius. Eventually someone there contacted me by telephone and they were able to activate the radio. It appears that the replacement had been on another account and had not been removed from that account, and so, wouldn't activate on a second account.
>>It appears that the charges are "Connection Fees". I was under a promotion which included no connection fees. Promotion code for 3 months free is: ------------. Promotion code for free activation is: **********.
>>Please make the necessary changes to my billing (cancel the billings). If this is going to be a problem YOU call ME at ***-***-**** anytime between 8:00AM to 11:00PM EST. If I don't hear from anyone I will assume this has been fixed.
>>XM Subscriber: yes
>>Account Number: *-**********

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Well, the saga continues. They billed me again this month for the $15.38. More emails are flying back and forth as this goes on. I copied my latest email to [email protected], hoping that maybe his office will be as responsive as Charlie's office is when they mess up. I'm not holding my breath though.
Hey, for $19, this thing was a steal IMHO.
That's a fine deal if your first radio works properly.
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