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Richard King said:
I ruined one 8 pin din connector from having too hot a soldering iron. The local electronics shop only had one left so I bot it and took it to a television repair shop to have them solder it up. I will have it back today and try it out. What this will do for me is allow me to plug into the CD Changer input on my head unit so that with I push the CDC button on the front panel of the head unit XM will play through the system. No need for FM modulation or cassette adaptor. Not bad, if it works.

By the way, I just noticed your previous question and I will be XM only for at least the six months that I am required to have it per rebate terms. I do miss Underground Garage though.

Could you provide a more complete wiring diagram for the cable you built. Being one who tends to get more solder on his fingers than on the wires, the detail would be most helpful.

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