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Im geting software 115

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it says 115 did they change it
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Apparently, because that's what I'm getting too. 15% and counting. :)
That's it, I want my $15 back! I didn't donate to this site to get inaccurate information from Earl.

Installed and rebooted. FF and RW work much better. Guide doesn't seem that much faster to me, but haven't been using the HR20 that long. Sweet!
Downloading 115 now. I was suprised as well.

Of course my wife is telling me not to do it, for fear it will mess things up! ;)
how do you force a download on the HR 20...I looked for sticky's and everything on how to force a download so I'm guessing its very very simple. Do I just go through the setup process again on my box?

Great info on the site. Really enjoy it. Looks like I'll use it more than digital video forums.
yes, it is 0x115..
At around the time they told me about the window, my contact didn't have the final number... so I went with the last one I had

JDizzle... do a search on 02468

But basically... hit the red-reset... on the first screen hit 0 2 4 6 8 on the remote
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