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I'm getting a free SW-64 from Dish

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I get the Philly locals or some of them at least. I called up Dish to get an additional Free :D receiver for the additional channels that I am missing. Free :welcome: installation is also included for up to 2 receivers. Additional receivers can be hooked up for a $59 charge of running the wires but the SW-64 is included in the set-up.

The only problem is they need 1 month lead time. That's not bad considering the SW-64 are sold out on Dishdepot and they cost $149.

Is anyone else getting this deal anywhere?
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Yours is going to be a special install.... they will actually have to use a starband dish to bring in the 129 satellite - E* had to rent transponder space on a third-party satellite to get Philly up.

Unless they have recently changed Philly over to E7.....?
It is a great deal, however... a few words of caution. I live in South Jersey, and just yesterday I had Dish out here (Scheduled in May)... The installer came out, put a pole in the ground, poured the concrete, and assembled the 75cm dish. As part of the deal I got 2 new 301's (in exchange for my 1000 and 5000), a UHF pyramid, and a SW64. All was fine until, he went to aim the dish, and.... No 129 or 110 (but 119 had a 125 signal)! For this area, the look angle is only 18 degrees, which meant that distant trees, across my field were blocking the satellite... Argh... So then the installer proceeded to disassemble the dish... as he was disassembling the dish, I asked him where the dish could go, he said, "to be honest, the roof". I asked if he could install it there and he said "no, insurance reasons"... so he continued to disassemble. Then I asked if I could install it myself, he said, "yes, but with permission", so then the installer got on his radio and asked if he could leave the dish, and after some discussion, the head office said yes. After he got the permission, he gave me a Starband tripod along with an instruction booklet on how to align the Dish with EL/AZ listings, and after some discussion, he even gave me the wires he had originally installed. The main word of caution here is that the 18-degree look angle is VERY low, and you might have to cut down a few trees to see it. Other than that, it’s a great deal. As for me, I’m still trying to figure out how to aim the dish (3 lnb’s), and i think a few more trees have to come down, :( but I think ill get it eventually. :)
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On the other hand here in MN you can get in on the same deal except our locals are on 61. Which works out rather nice for getting HD as well.
Hey MTS:

I have a 501 and two older receivers. Are you saying that they'll also be giving me two 301's?

My other dish is attached to the top of my chimney and was installed by Dish last year as part of the Dish Mover program so I don't see why they couldn't do the same thing. Also my yard is quite large and the nearest trees over 10 ft tall are probably over 400 ft away. I don't imagine that they would have a problem getting a clear line of sight especially if they put the Dish by the old one.
It is very highly unlikely that they will use a Starband dish for this. They will just use a dish 300 and point it at 129. DNSC has probably never even seen a Starband dish.

Also, i can get you a SW64 switch for $130.00 shipping included.

All the Philly installs have been using the Starband dish with 3 LNB's installed. People are also being given new receivers free of charge to replace old receivers which can not pick up the 129 satellite due to software issues.
Ok i am a little confused. So they are using the starband dish and pointing the main LNB at 129 and using the other 2 as usual pointing at 110 and 119?

Wow. I apoligize Neil:) :D :righton:

I don't see why not... As long as the two older ones are activated. The way the installer told me, he doesn't care what receiver you give him, as long as it matches the amount on the service order. All receivers are being replaced by 301's. Although, i did see 501's in the van... I had also asked about the the amount of outputs on the back, he told me that "if i wanted an older receiver, I would have to go to a dealer, In-house it goes 301, 501, 721". I don't know about the chimney, the dish is large and heavy though (I have a chimney as well, and the installer didn't mention anything).


Yes, but the dish doesn't actually say "Starband" on it instead its a Channel-Master 3041221 dish. The tripod that they gave me actually said "Starband" on the box and on the instructions.

If i can I'll post pictures of the Dish tomorrow.
Originally posted by Pro-Com
Ok i am a little confused. So they are using the starband dish and pointing the main LNB at 129 and using the other 2 as usual pointing at 110 and 119?
That's right. The Phillie LILs are on a lower-powered satellite so they require a bigger antenna. Doesn't matter what name is on it (Starband or whatever.)

It works like PrimeStar and AlphaStar used to work.
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